Hello :)

Did you ever ask yourself, why there are international days for almost everything, but none for being (just) a human, a simply day for the humans? This is the reason why I had the idea to start the

Day of the Humans

for each and all of us on this planet.
If you like this idea and want to join and share it with me, there are just 2 things we should do, to "connect" us on this day:

1. My Idea is, if possible, that we listen all at once to the song:



19:07(UTC(0)) on the 7/19 (July,19)**

2. Tell your friends about this, or maybe better, tell a celebrity who may join this idea, or even better, tell your favorite radio station about this, maybe they will play this song at it's time.

I thank you, with love, Benjamin


* Why Moonlight Sonata from Beethoven?

1. I like this song :)

2. Its just a melody, everyone in the world can feel free by listen to it

3. His Music is free

** Why 7/19 (July, 19)?

1. It was a "free" date on which I found no other international day

2. It is summer in my country in this season ;)